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During the long autumn evenings, we thought about the nature of the feeling experienced by the artist in front of a white canvas, and, for example, the feeling when you hold a new box of pencils ... - a special excitement, the anticipation of creativity!
We came up with a space that provokes these feelings. TABULA RASA is the project of the park pavilion, which organizes urban space of imagination.  Specular from the outside, white from the inside it creates ephemeral space, changing by the influence of nature mystery on the one hand and by person on the other. The pavilion is a universal space for a variety of activities, games and family entertainment. 
Pavilion TABULA RASA - it's freedom of creativity and .... The reason for it!
TABULA RASA - it is a mobile structure, which can be installed in any park of the city in a few days. Structurally, it consists of three parts, which are delivered to the platform separately and assembled in a short time. The whole state the pavilion can be transformed. One of the butts is an amphitheater which can be pulled out. The second- universal platform-stage with a canopy above which can be moved apart (n-type farms and architectural membrane).
We would like to create a non-aggressive object which does not harm the environment.
Therefore, from the outside pavilion has mirror surface which creates the effect of merge an object with nature. Pavilion becomes an integral part of the environment. It is almost an illusion. 
Inside pavilion is absolutely white. The walls are lined with a smooth white polished tile. The floor is structural, and also white. The ceiling is an architectural membrane which is illuminated from inside. One of the walls is hidden storage system, where hidden sliding screen, furniture, pillows and any  materials you need to manage a variety of scenarios and conditions of the space ...
On the smooth white walls you can draw, glued stickers, project images, organize exhibitions and even a theater of shadows... Owing to LED RGB- lighting, white walls can change color, depending on the type and purpose of the event. 
TABULA RASA - a platform for lectures, workshops, film screenings, viewing of slides, chamber concerts, etc .... 
In this case, there are two options of using construction of thepavilion. The first is transformable amphitheater with volume of the pavilion. The second is  platform-stage with lawn and open space of park .
The project used tiles TUBADZIN. 
Collections: All in White, FormWork White
It's just white tiles ... - tabula rasa, which can be infinitely different.



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