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Apartment for a young family 

Two-bedroom apartment with total area of 99 m2 has been designed to solve several problems at once: to satisfy the functional needs of a growing family (the need of separated bedroom and children’s room, utility room and storage) and at the same time to keep a sense of light and integral space.
The original layout has been "aggravated by" chamfered corners of external walls.  We had to fix the situation with certain decorating techniques: mirrors, contrasting colour of the walls, etc.
The living room, dining room and kitchen have been combined into a common space. The kitchen has been specially designed and made for this interior. It is least of all similar to the kitchen – it’s probably ... a buffet.
So, the problem is not simple: come up with a unique design of a kitchen, which should be enough secular, and functionally complete! That’s how appeared the buffet - a piece of furniture on one side and a workstation – on the other. For spliced facades - full-size kitchen drawers, with all necessary appliances and accessories. So ... We did it!




Residential interiors

Yegor Pyaskovskiy

Location / Address





plan before re-planning

plan after re-planning

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