We were asked by the Belarusian company engaged in roasting coffee. One Belarusian company which specializes in roasting coffee has turned to us for help.
To promote their product, they decided to open a few coffee shops. The atmosphere and the image of the shops were supposed to bring a client "right" association and create mood - "the taste of the coffee blends with the visual, tactile content and remains as a memorable delicious aftertaste". At the same time, in perspective the project should be deductible. For designers, it means that the decor elements should be: universal, combinatorial, scalable, not tied to a particular place and recognizable!
Two cafes were opened at the same time and we were faced with an interesting challenge: the development of two architecturally different concepts.
 The first café - a traditional room with entrance from the street and from the office building, the second is located in the corridor of the shopping center like an “island”.
Let's call them - "inside view" Interior and "outside view" Interior.




Public interiors

Alexandra Kononchenko

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ул. Пионерская д.3, пом. 30, Минск, Беларусь


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