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Public interiors 

Egor Piaskovskii

The second republican competition "Professional interior 2013"
Nomination "interior of restaurant, bar, club" - Diploma of the second degree.


The Magazine "Obstanovka"

Special Issue

«Greenki» - a network of family cafes. There have been already opened 2 of them: in Rafieva Street and Haruna Street.
We faced a complex task: to come up with the concept, name, design a catchy image for the whole network of cafes.
Defining the format of cafes, we have been guided by the fact that the two cafes are situated in pretty new residential areas, far from the city center. This circumstance has determined the target audience. Young families with children - often young mums- compose the majority of visitors during the day and weekends, and in the evening - it is young people who are looking for a stylish place to enjoy delicious food and spend time with friends, without dealing with the need to go for it to the city center.
Since the associations which were supposed to be called by the interior of the cafe have been defined as "young, spring, joyful", then as a basic color palette has been chosen green-white colour of natural wood.
Both cafes are arranged the same. A common dining room of the café is functionally divided into two parts - "Big Greenki» and «Little Greenki». In Little Greenki people with small kids will feel themselves comfortable. For kids there is a children’s room with entertainment and a small maze, and also it’s provided the possibility of holding children's parties. For those users who would like to have a meal quietly tucked away from the bustle of children's games - Big Greenki. Between these two areas there is no distinguished boundaries. They are relatively separated only by the island bar. There is the third universal area, which can be separated from the total room sliding partition and, if necessary, used for banquets and celebrations.
There are no fabricated elements of furniture and equipment. Most of the furniture and decor are made to order according to our drafts. In a different arrangement, all of the major pieces of furniture designed specifically for these cafes will be used in all places of the network.

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